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Hello! My name is Sergey

I am a web developer.

My first computer language was Visual Basic. I learned it in 1996. After 6 months, I took the Microsoft Certification exam in VB, and passed it. At the same time, I started attending Borough of Manhattan Community College. My major was Computer Science. At BMCC, I learned C++, assembly language and Java.

I like computer programming, but I must confess, that I am not a computer geek. My first passion was neurophysiology, which I studied and taught for more than ten years. My way of thinking, is probably different than that of other programmers, and because of that it is easier for me to explain computer programming to others.

When I started learning computer programming, by reading books, I noticed that many authors are missing the very beginning, in their books. Imagine, that you are at a gas station in the middle of an unknown city and you are asking a guy for directions to the city "N". He answers, "Take I-95 north, then take exit 73". His explanation is clear, but you cannot start driving anyway because he did not tell you how to get to I-95 north.

This is the problem with many books about computer programming. In my books, I always tell my readers from the beginning how to get to the point, from where they can "start driving".

I started learning computer programming at the age of 44. I was not concerned about my age. I was concerned that I was a biologist and that biology seemed far away from computer science to me. And yet, when I started to learn computer programming, I realized that my knowledge of brain physiology is very helpful because how a programming language is designed relates more to how people think than to how a computer works.

To be successful in computer programming, you don't have to have the mind of a mathematician. If you can rearrange boxes in your garage in such a way that there will be available space for your car, then you can be a computer programmer.


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